Health Screenings

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Get in the driver’s seat and take control of your health. Our Health Screenings provide a snapshot of your current health, using biomarkers to identify high-risk areas. Multiple screenings, over time, compare results showing increases or decreases in risk.

Health Screening Packages

Healthy Check-up – Our Healthy Check-up package provides screenings to help identify health risks you may have for heart disease, diabetes, thyroid and total body inflammation.

Vitality – Our Vitality package combines screenings for heart, diabetes, thyroid and total body inflammation found in the Healthy Checkup report and also screens for ideal levels of key hormones. Lower levels of different hormones likely contribute to many disorders and some chronic diseases we acquire with aging.

Total Health – Our Total Health package combines screenings for heart, diabetes, thyroid, total body inflammation, and hormones found in the Vitality report. In addition, this report also screens for 220+ common food intolerances and cancer biomarkers.

Total Health+ – Our Total Health+ package combines screenings for heart, diabetes, thyroid and more with omega fatty acids and vitamins to help you navigate your health and understand exactly what your body needs.


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