Corporate Health Screenings

Drive Your Team To Higher Performance

Health Screenings

Impending deadlines looming, increasingly higher targets to attain and an ever-changing globalized corporate environment resulting in round-the-clock work. It’s not surprising that 96% of senior leaders reported feeling the effects of burnout, a third of those describing it as extreme. Take control of your health and set yourself up for success. We provide a proactive solution to maintain your health and ensure that you can remain in leadership for years to come.

Health Screening Packages

Vitality: The Vitality package combines screenings for heart health, diabetes, thyroid, total body inflammation and also screens for ideal levels of key hormones. Lower levels of different hormones likely contribute to many disorders and some chronic diseases we acquire with aging.

Executive: The Executive package combines screenings for heart, diabetes, thyroid, total body inflammation, and hormones found in the Vitality report. In addition, this report also screens for 220+ common food intolerances and cancer biomarkers.

Executive+ : The Executive+ package combines all the tests found in the Executive package and also includes screenings for omega fatty acids and vitamins to help you navigate your health and understand exactly what your body needs.

All health screening packages include consultations with a medical professional and holistic nutritionist.

Health Screening Process


Choose a package then complete a quick online health risk assessment.


Schedule your private blood collection appointment at your home or workplace.


Review your results through your secure online portal.

Roadmap To Better Health

Start your wellness journey and lead your team to success. Each team member will be required to complete a confidential health risk assessment prior to a representative from our partner Dynacare visiting your office to collect blood samples and non-invasive biometrics. Implementing a Human Performance program delivers data driven solutions, that elevates productivity while decreasing health insurance and loss of productivity costs. Ignite and engage your employees as individuals, and watch productivity soar.

Don't Stress The Process

  • Confidential
  • Convenient testing – on your premises, on your schedule
  • Access to medical professionals
  • Safe and secure results
  • Evidence-based reports
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Employee-only access
  • Aggregated data report for your company
of executives are satisfied with screening and would recommend
of senior leaders suffer from burnout
of executives have an undiagnosed chronic illness