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We Help Our Clients Better Navigate Their Health

Using these tools was incredibly easy. I had the convenience of getting my blood taken at a lab nearby and I received comprehensive feedback about my health. Though I didn’t need to access the Wellness Concierge, it was comforting to know there was help if I needed it.

With my health concerns, I was going to several doctors. They looked after everything in one go, giving my doctors the complete picture. I can’t fix what I don’t know and that’s why I’m glad I used these tests. With my family history, this service was especially meaningful. My reports were easily accessible and it’s put my wife’s mind at rest too.

I have a busy schedule to it was convenient for me to do it all in one go at my convenience. Everything was sent back to me quickly and my results were easy to access and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend them to others. This is the best way for us to take control of our health.

My results were clear and easy to understand. Having an opportunity to have my complete health assessed has allowed me to start focusing on making improvements now before I start to have serious health issues.

I did not have a family physician and had some uncertainties regarding my health. This helped to create the clarity that I was looking for regarding my health. Thank you!

I needed peace of mind. I am particularly grateful for the cancer screening, especially because there is no option to do that with OHIP. The results were user-friendly. The explanations and descriptions were made in lay-people terms with easy visualization of where you stand through coloured graphs. This is a valuable tool.

Working with this team was like a wake up call. Even though I have a clean bill of health right now, the report helped me realize what could happen to me if I don’t start making particular changes to improve my health in the future. For what it’s worth, I would recommend them to all those I care for. The entire process was so much easier than I had expected. It was a great way to know whether my health was on track!

We found the survey to be a very detailed and broad-based tool providing us with employee input on their health and wellness needs. As our number one asset, the well-being of our staff is pinnacle and as such, reviewing the alignment and effectiveness of our Wellness Program and Employee Benefit Plan is an important step. Thanks to the team for their very supportive and professional facilitation.

Janice Kellar

VP HR, Cole Engineering

Utilizing this team, rather than doing an internal survey, helped to add credibility to the process and ensured more open feedback from our employees. It sent a message that management do care about the team and want to do what is right by them. The results reinforced what we suspected as to the issues within the company and hence gave us clear justification to implement solid measures.

Michael Blundell

President, KSB Inc.

The Bateman MacKay team’s core value is PRIDE: Proactive, Responsive, Integrity, Dedicated, Entrepreneurial. We don’t just apply this core value to our work, but to our people as well. Working with this group was a perfect fit for our organization. It marries into our healthy eating program and our focus on the health and wellness of our team. From comprehensive health assessments to informative lunch and learn sessions, we have worked to improve the lives of our team members by offering them a better understanding of themselves and the importance of making healthy choices. For some organizations, this type of supplemental workplace program is something of a paradigm shift; for us, it makes perfect sense.

Vinay Khosla

Partner, Chartered Professional Accountants and Business Advisors, Bateman MacKay